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In Morey We Trust

Since the All-Star the game The Houston Rockets are 11-3 and have shoved their way back into the Western Conference playoff picture and stand at 1.5 games behind the Memphis Grizzlies for the final playoff spot.

Rockets fans shouldn’t be surprised to see their team perform this way, especially after the trades.  For the past 3-plus years Daryl Morey has served as General Manager and in that time he has found talent where other haven’t.

During his tenure he has made it a habit of drafting quality players in the second round, players like Carl Landry and Chase Budinger.  And has made trades that have brought efficient players, the likes of Kyle Lowry, Luis Scola, and Kevin Martin.  The biggest thing to take from all this is that he has done this while saving money.  Words any owners loves to hear.

So now, here are the Rockets, 1.5 games from making the playoffs for the first time since the 2008-09 season, despite Morey trading away former starting point guard Aaron Brooks and fan favorite and starter Shane Battier , who Morey once called the no stat all-star.  It seems Morey is always two steps ahead of the game, and these trades prove it.

Kyle Lowry has been leading the charge in the Rockets recent playoff push and becoming the catalyst the team needs.

“The way Kyle is playing now, he’s our floor general,” Chuck Hayes said in an interview for The Houston Chronicle. “He’s going to get whoever is in rhythm their shots. If it’s himself, he’ll know it. If it’s Kevin (Martin), he’ll get something for Kevin. Right now, he’s playing great, not only from a statistical standpoint, but as a leader, as a floor general.”

In the last 10 games Lowry is averaging 20.4 points, 7.9 assists and 5.3 rebounds while shooting 50 percent from the floor.  Which have led an NBA.com reporter to potentially add him to the list of one of the NBA’s best young point guards.

If the Rockets indeed make the playoffs its a testament to the organization, from the top to the bottom, but best believe the man pulling the strings is Daryl Morey.

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